Starting Over

The SIGNS are every where. . .

Starting over is not only appropriate for this- my umpteenth attempt at blogging -but it also applies to where I am at this stage in my life.  It seems every decade or so (damn, did I just age myself) I spend a certain amount of time in a particular industry or doing a particular job.  For a while it was banking and for an even longer while it was human resources.  But now I feel drawn to more creative endeavors.  I’ve been writing stories since I was thirteen, reading much younger than that and into photography as far back as I can remember. . .flipping through my grandmother’s photo albums over and over again and always discovering something or someone I’d missed.
So, it seems only fitting that all these DECADES later I would come full circle. I quit my job to take a sabbatical to not only spend more time with my kids but to also see if I can get “my own thing” started. I want to have more work/life balance but I also have this burning need to CREATE, I seriously cannot focus on anything else until I see if this is meant to be.  I’m going to illustrate/publish a children’s book, I’m taking photography classes, building a couple of websites and seriously re-working my manuscript all with the hopes and prayers that my true calling shall be determined!

I plan to use this platform for a multitude of things such as sharing my thoughts, feelings and projects.  No one may listen or even care but I’d need this outlet at this particular time in my life more than ever.  If you’re along for the ride, WELCOME.  If you just stopped by to be nosy: run tell a friend! LOL!

I got the picture of the street sign here.  How appropriate!!  I actually came across this site/post AFTER I had composed my post.  The SIGNS are everywhere!! 🙂



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