Today has been crazy and it’s only halfway over!  I feel like a Marine, you know, we do more before 6am than most people do all day…or at least I think that’s the Marine’s. . .

Anyway, I had to wake up at 4:30AM(!) to drive down to the lake and arrive by the ass crack of dawn to take pictures of the sunrise with my photography class.  Needless to say, today the class wasn’t all that great. LOL!  I mean seriously.  Who gets up to take pictures of the sun rising?  Apparently die hard photographers.

I think this was only the second (or maybe third) time in my entire life that I watched the sunrise.  I usually wait until the sun has risen to give me the ‘all clear’ that it is time to wake up!  But I have to admit. . .it was pretty amazing.  Not that I plan on doing it again. . .ever. . .but still, look at this:

Sunrise. 6:15am CST

Then following the sunrise class meeting, I had to attend my daughter’s pre-school graduation ceremony at 9:30am.  I really wanted to come back home and go to sleep but my husband made me feel guilty for wanting to blow it off. But of course he used “having to go to work” as an excuse! I’m going to miss using my job as an excuse for everything!

Before you judge. . . she is only three, so she’s NOT graduating from pre-school.  She was just in the program.  And she was in the program last year.  All of the kids that can walk and talk are in the program, so you could be going to this program every year until your child FINALLY makes the transition to regular public school.  So, I’m just saying I think I could have skipped it.  But of course I’m glad I went because it seemed every other parent was there and my daughter was thrilled to see me. She of course wasn’t thrilled to know she had to stay at school because I had a lunch appointment.

I should be catching up on sleep right now but instead I’m feeding my addiction- the Internet- I am really going to have to learn to balance my time better.  I guess I should log off now and prepare dinner for my family, so that it can be ready by the time they get home.  On the menu tonight is Garlic Sizzled Chicken, potatoes and green beans!  How delicious does this look?

Garlic-Sizzled Chicken

What are you having for dinner?



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