Tomorrow I finish my photography class and I will be done with school.  Like for good (at least that’s what I’m saying today :-)) and I will officially be unemployed (by choice).  I have been going through the motions this past month and feeling fearful about my decisions.  But today,  in this moment, I feel positively GIDDY!  I am soooo excited about the possibilities and the future.  I am looking forward to spending time with my children, honing my photography and writing skills.  And sleeping late and cooking new recipes and just living one day at a time and appreciating each and every breath!

I feel courageous and empowered.  I feel an overwhelming sense of love for my husband supporting me and my dreams.  I am just so excited about this next chapter. . . a friend sent me a link to my horoscope and I say to you again, THE SIGNS ARE EVERYWHERE!!

The Bull, Baby

Taurus Outlook- Year 2012 Career

You’re in stellar standing in 2012, especially during the first half of the year. You’ll definitely feel like the ‘It’ sign, with Mars and Jupiter doing your bidding. Your creativity is off the charts with the action planet, Mars, running an extended six-month stint in your sector of self-expression. Mars will be retrograde during the first quarter, which could create the illusion that not much is moving forward – and yet you’ve never felt more creative and inspired. Trust that all your inner preparation will meet with great rewards and forward motion.

Neptune had been causing some confusion about your professional identity over the past few years, but now that it will be leaving your career sector for good in February, clarity – if not a major epiphany – is coming. Write everything down, because breakthrough ideas will come like flashes of lightning and will be as easily forgotten as fast as they come. It’s time to translate all the gifts of inspired creativity and vision that Neptune brought you over the past several years into flourishing future plans. The tragedy would be to keep all of these gifts locked up as mere potential.

When the big eclipse points hit your money and talent sector this summer, you’ll see another huge wave of changes unfolding over the latter half of 2012. And since you can be the most stubborn of all signs when it comes to embracing the new, you may actually welcome this colossal cosmic push. There is no going back, Taurus – you’re destined for bigger and more glamorous things (with many of them likely involving extensive travel). La Dolce Vita, baby!

I don’t usually put much stock in daily horoscopes (although I do believe the characteristics of the zodiac are on point!) but this gave me goosebumps when I read it!  This is so where I am in my life right now!  I’m just going to keep listening to my heart and following the path that’s unfolding.



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