And so it begins

Today is the first day the kids are at home with  me.  At the moment they are still asleep. A tangled mess of arms and limbs in the same bed, which is what usually happens at some point during the night.  Although it will be a challenge to spend the next two months trying to keep them entertained, there are definitely some benefits.  First of all, they sleep late.  Like seriously late until almost 10:00am in some cases.   If I play my cards right I will have at least two hours, before they get up and start wrecking havoc, to get in some exercise and meditation time.

Yes, I am back to exercising and watching what I eat.  Our family trip to Hawaii is roughly in 60 days and I bought a two piece swimsuit.  I have never in my entire adult life worn a two piece.  Even when I was at my lowest weight.  But this summer I will wear a two piece damn it if it’s the last thing I do!  LOL!  I hesitate to call it a bikini because it is still pretty modest and has maximum coverage on top and bottom.  I wanted to feel comfortable so I picked up a swimsuit from Victoria Secret’s.  Don’t scoff, you’d be surprised at how cute, affordable and demure some of their swimsuits are. . .also keep in mind they are known for their underwear, so they actually know a thing or two about support.

Okay, enough talk about lingerie and back to the next benefit of being at home with my kids this summer- I get to continue sharpening my photography skills! I am more than certain the kids don’t see this as a benefit but hey, it’s all about compromise.  If you want me to play Pokemon and princess then you have to pose for some pictures.  See what I just did with those “p’s”?  Clever.  Anyway, this is one I took over the weekend of my daughter with my new telephoto lens.  I still need to learn to work with the manual settings.  Ignore the overgrown grass.  Just focus on the cuteness:

Prettiest flower in the garden.

My son usually takes great pictures even without trying, I guess you probably can’t really even tell that this is the most forced smile ever and how annoyed he was with me.  We were at a birthday party in the park and it was like a 200 degrees outside and he was not trying to be a model in that sweltering heat:

Hurry up, Im melting!

The most important benefit of the kids being at home is the simple fact that I will be spending time with them!  I was watching them the other day as they were running around playing and it seemed like they were literally growing and changing before my very eyes.  I worry all the time that as I get older I may succumb to some of the memory loss experienced by my father when he died with the first stages of Alzheimer’s and my mother currently suffers from dementia. It breaks my heart to think someday I might not remember these smart, beautiful, AMAZING children who bring me so much joy.  So as much as I feel guilty about not working, I would feel ten times as guilty if I let these precious moments slip by and I wasn’t here to be a part of them. The memories we’re creating are as much for them as they are for me.  I pray to God that I can continue to spend this kind of time with them on a more permanent basis.

Bring on the summer!!!



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  1. Vixen89 · · Reply

    i love Victoria secret bikinis!! they enhance your body.
    btw cute kids!

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