Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers around the world!  This morning we celebrated my husband with a hodgepodge of gifts and handmade cards.  He was in heaven.  He always says, “Oh, don’t get me anything being with y’all is enough.”  Yes, we’re from the South.  I think his sentiment is heartfelt but it’s also important that we show him what he means to us.  I really don’t think father’s, especially those that are active and engaged, get enough credit for all they do.  We talk about deadbeat dads all day long and ignore those that are upbeat and on track every day.  Well, today and EVERYDAY I salute my husband and say THANKS for all you do!!!!

This is one of my favorite pics of my sweeties!

In other news, I have ONE more section to complete on the lifestyle site I’m collaborating on and I will be done!  The next phase will be doing a page by page review and sending it out to a review panel for constructive feedback before our launch next month.  Getting so excited but also nervous!!! EEK!  I’m always so paranoid about what people might think about my skills and now I’m putting myself out there in a major way. . .but to paraphrase one of my favorite quotes, “Ships are safe in the harbor, but that’s not what ships are for. . .”  All or nothing, baby!  All or nothing!

I also have a meeting with a client on Wednesday to discuss the final specs for her website and we are both, in her words, UBER excited!  LOL!  I really like her, she is positive and has really good energy.  I’m looking forward to creating a site she is going to love.

And finally I made some major headway on my storyboards for the children’s book I’m illustrating. . .only four (possibly five) pages to go!  YES!

Once I finish my current projects, I will start working on my own website and incorporating this blog into that site where  I will continue to share my personal stories and creative journey.  Thanks for coming along. . .big things on the horizon!!



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