Moving Right Along

I can’t believe one week of official summer vacation is already under our belt!  Things are moving right along.  We’ve been doing a good job at sticking to our summer calendar. . .I’m actually chronicling our summer through Instagram pictures and will have a book printed at the end of the summer.  You can follow me on Instagram (@mzm40) or from time to time I might post an Instagram pic or two here.

Speaking of pictures. . .still trying to get the hang of my new camera and my new lens on manual settings.  I shot these under somewhat cloudy conditions on the following manual settings- 1/1000, F6.3, ISO 1600:

Lollipop Summer. Life is good!

Trying to explain the science behind rain. . .

Not completely in focus but the "aaww" factor is off the charts!

Again, these aren’t the best but just some practice shots on manual settings. . .my husband asked why I just don’t leave the camera on automatic and call it day, well sweetheart that kind of defeats the purpose of investing in a camera like this!  I want to be able to evoke the feeling I had when I took the picture, the emotion, the temperature, the vibe. . .photographs have the ability to do that if  you capture the moment just right.

I start the process this week of copyrighting my images for the children’s book. I’ve been thinking about coming  up with a campaign where I donate a portion of the proceeds from every book sold to charity, which means I would have to actually set up a process for selling the books. . .this initially started off as just a project just for my kids but I am really proud of what I’ve done so far, so I think I will go the self publishing route and promote the book.  Just one more thing to add to my growing stack!

Since I’ve been at home, I’ve been more committed to cooking home cooked meals.  Saves money and calories when we don’t go out to eat as much.  On the menu last night was broiled lemon pepper salmon, broccoli au gratin and seasoned potatoes:


Well, I have to sign off now.  Baby girl has ballet class today but before ballet class we have to clean up the entire upstairs area.  It looks like a tornado hit it!  Once we clean up, then we set up for tonight’s TALENT SHOW!  I have no idea why I do this to myself!  Glutton for punishment or sucker for my babies.  Or maybe a little of both.



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