I just realized today that most of the things my kids are interested in and most of the activities we have planned for the summer are artistic in nature.  I also realized that I have heavily influenced them in that direction.  My son likes to run around and play and just like any other boy his age he loves superheroes and playing catch.  But his absolute passion is drawing with reading taking a close second.

My daughter loves reading (or listening to stories), dancing and singing.  I think when you are involved in artistic endeavors it allows you to experience a truer sense of expression than you might be allowed in your every day reality.  I want them to be well balanced and well adjusted and I hope whatever their passion ends up being when they grow up, they are free to pursue it and make a living in the process.  I wish I would’ve had someone guide and nurture my passion for writing, who knows by now I could’ve written the great American novel or at least an award winning screenplay! 😉  But it’s never too late to live your dreams, you just gotta wake up and do the work!

Speaking of art. . .we went to the Painted Potter today.  It’s a pottery studio where you pick out pieces and and paint them in the studio, leave them to be fired in the kiln and about a week later you get to come back and pick up your masterpiece.  The kids had a blast:

Painting a sweet masterpiece.

How adorable is this?

Cleaning his brush.

All boxed in. . .

I must admit I had a blast too.  I had to help baby girl finish her cupcake box because she was more interested in watching The Princess and The Frog, which was playing on the television in the studio.  When the movie was over she helped her brother paint his box since I had pretty much finished her cupcake. Oops.

In other news,  little Miss Ballerina got a new leotard for ballet class and she was killing me because she wanted to model it before class.  We took a bunch of random shots around the house, many of which were out of focus because she was moving around like she was on a runway.  But this one was one of my favorites.  She actually told me to get on the floor and take her picture What 3 year old kid does this?

Fashion shoot outtake.

I think I might do a month long photography challenge starting in July.  It sounds like fun but I’m already committed to the Instragram thing, so it would probably end up just being another thing to keep up with . . .speaking of Instagram. is the result of our alter ego photo’s:

Alter Ego Project

This was NOT how they were supposed to turn out but in the end, they reflected my kids personality perfectly.  My daughter is such a little princess but a ninja warrior totally lives inside of her.  And my son, he is a superhero worshipper but obviously he’s a lot cooler than any superhero that exists!  The concept was really cool and we had this big elaborate outdoor plan until we opened the door and the sun kicked our asses right back inside!  It’s been consistently 99 to 102 degrees everyday.  I think a volcano erupted somewhere and the lava is flowing and we don’t even realize it.

Tomorrow is library day and then this weekend I plan on doing the last illustrations for the children’s book.  Once I get my copyright done for the illustrations, I will share them. I know you’re waiting with bated breath! 😉




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  1. U r really creative. I like ur blog esp that alterrego pic

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