It’s 3:24pm CST as I start this post and most of my day has been spent thinking of what kind of self portrait I could take.  My hair was (and still is) a mess and I have yet to take a shower or go pick up groceries but I was obsessing over this damn picture.  Only on day one and I’m already freaking out.  I had originally decided to “keep it real” and just take a pic of me with my hair all over my head, my glasses, no makeup and ratty t-shirt.  Talk about attractive. Then I tried to fix my hair and figured I should put on some earrings. . .twenty minutes later I had put on lipstick and another shirt.  I figured I looked presentable enough, so I placed the camera on the ledge near the shower and sat on the edge of the tub.  I still don’t know why I felt that was an appropriate backdrop.

I put the automatic timer on and started posing mechanically.  I’m probably on photo number 87 when my kids come running into the bathroom begging me to play some game with them.  Of course I tell them I’m in the middle of something majorly important and they have to wait.  My daughter cocks her head to the side and assesses me just as I press the automatic button again and she yells, “I wanna go with you but my hair it’s a mess!”  And I was done.  I ended up laughing on three of the four pictures and I decided it wasn’t going to get any better unless I planned on putting on a full face of make-up and washing my hair.  So here you have it, my first entry in the #photoadayjuly challenge:

#photoadayjuly: Self Portrait.

It’s pretty sad that my kids think Mama only combs her hair or looks decent when she’s going somewhere.  But the saddest part is that it’s kinda true. Going to change back into my t-shirt.



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