Today is the 22nd day of summer for my kids.  On the calendar today was a craft project that involved making comic books and board books.  I bought the kits from Target.  I can’t remember how much they cost, I bought them in May, but I think they were worth every penny.

The comic book kit was for my son and the board book kit was for my daughter.  The comic book kit is really detailed and my son probably won’t truly finish the entire book until the end of summer. There are story boards on every page and there are about 40 pages when you count front and back.  He has this idea of sketching all of his favorite cartoon heroes competing in a survivor like competition with their best friends.  I guess he gets that ambition from me! Ha!

My daughter on the other hand finished her board book in record time.  She placed colored glitter adhesive on every page, said it was a glitter book and she was done.  At such a young age she has mastered the art of leaving well enough alone.

My husband surprised us and showed up to “work from home” the rest of the day.  I laughed at his naivete. Thirty minutes into the house and he was helping the princess paint her nails.  He did a pretty good job too.

I’ve been in a super lazy ass mood the past few days and have done nothing that I’m supposed to be doing. . .I’ve got to snap out of it and stay on track.  Did I mention I ate practically an entire LARGE bag of Spicy Dorito’s the other day?  Not helping my goal of wearing a two piece at all.   The word of the day is FOCUS.

Speaking of focus, this is the pic I used for the #photoadayjuly challenge.  I’m also using it for the Summer Days Instagram book and since this post (as are most of my posts) is about my kids, I think I satisfied the NaBloPoMo post too. . .check, check and CHECK!  I’m out!

#photoadayjuly: Busy

Check your local Target!

Voila! Glitter perfection!



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