Winding Down

Today is past the halfway point of baby girl’s ballet camp.  She has two more classes after this one.  I’m a bad mom for admitting this but I’m kind of glad.  I don’t think I’m cut out for being that mom that carts their kids off to one extra-curricular activity after another.  I want them to have the opportunity to participate and find things that interest them but they will get no pushing from me!  I really don’t see how other moms do it.  I don’t work outside the home and I can still think of a million other things I’d rather be doing with my kids than taking them from one commitment to another.

I’m amazed at all the things some of these kids have done by the time they get to ballet class at 4pm.  They’ve gone to swimming lessons and soccer practice already.  What?  That’s madness.  We pretty much take most of the day preparing for ballet! I want my kids to be well rounded too but I don’t want them to feel pressured.  I want them to ENJOY themselves and not dread having to go to soccer practice.  I saw this on Design Crush and felt compelled to share because there is so much truth in this statement:

Truth hurts. . .

I want my kids to lead amazing, phenomenal lives but I want them to define what that means and not try to live up to standards set by society. Because once you enter the rat race, even if you win. . .you’re still a rat.

In other news, the summer is also winding down.  How crazy is it that tomorrow is the 4th of July?!  I was reminded of this when last night I heard what I thought was a gunshot and realized it was fireworks being displayed by early revelers.  We don’t really do anything major on the 4th. . .just the standard grilling burgers or barbecuing.  Then we sit in our driveway and watch our neighbors try to outdo each other with their monstrous firework displays.  It gets serious people.  My husband wets down the entire house and the grass, so that it doesn’t go up in flames from some of the falling sparks.  I know these people in our neighborhood probably spend thousands of dollars (combined) for fireworks.  It’s crazy!  It’s also very funny to see the kids and hungover adults the next morning sweeping up the mess they made in the culdesac.  The joys of suburban living.

Today the #photoadayjuly challenge is “best part of your day”.  I seriously thought about putting a picture of my kids sleeping.  But then thought that would be cruel because it kind of infers the worst part of my day is when they wake up.  Instead I opted for the next best thing and the truth, the best part of my day is cuddling in my bed with my kids in the morning.  I couldn’t get a good pic of us cuddling so we opted for a posed pic in the bed but we still have that we-just-woke-up-and-have-the-crust-in-our-eyes-to-prove-it look going on.  I should really be ashamed to post this but I’m not. . .welcome to my reality:

#photoadayjuly: Best Part of Your Day.

We have roughly about 45 days before our Hawaii vacation.  I worked out yesterday for the first time in a week and had a Slim Fast for breakfast.  But I’ve also bought a couple of back up ONE PIECE swimsuits. I’m actually happy with my current weight and my husband (God bless him) thinks I could totally rock the two piece right now.  Um, no.  But I’m glad he loves me anyway.  I’ve been looking around for some cute ensembles for the kids, just a few, I’m sure all they will be wearing the entire time are swimsuits but I do want them to look decent.  I saw the cutest outfits online. These are from the Cannes collection at

Most fashionable tot on the beach!


These two outfits came from Osh Kosh B’Gosh:

Cool dude!

Totally laid back.




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