No Regrets

I didn’t log on and blog yesterday, which means I didn’t meet the NaBloPoMo requirement. . .I could say I’m disappointed but I’m not.  I spent the majority of the day in the company of my husband and children and it was magnificent.  Well, up until the time that it sounded like a war zone around us with fireworks and my daughter literally had a breakdown.  She was terrified.  We got her to watch the wonder and beauty of the fireworks lighting up the sky from the window upstairs and she asked me if they were going to “put fire on her.”  After assuring her that she would not be going up in flames, we eventually coaxed her outside and she even held a sparkler.  Of course the night was over at this point and it was time to go inside. . .cue another breakdown.  She had really started to get into it and it was over. . .better luck at New Year’s, kid.

Obviously my pic of the day yesterday was related to fireworks as were most of the pictures under the #photoadayjuly challenge.  Most people posted either fireworks or alcoholic beverages or both!  The prompt was fun and I guess those are two things that make 4th of July fun.  I caught this picture with my phone after the fireworks were kind of dissipating.  I thought it was cool because it looked like falling stars:

#photoadayjuly: Fun.

I was so unprepared to take photo’s. . .with my daughter’s breakdown and everything, I didn’t have time to really play around with my night settings, so I just started snapping away when the sky lit up around us.  I’m hoping I have better luck at New Year’s as well.  The photos were taken with my telephoto lens and they were just too close. . .I didn’t really capture the vividness of the fireworks.  BOO!  I don’t even think they are worthy of sharing.

Today the #photoadayjuly challenge is “on the floor”.  The only thing that is CONSISTENTLY on my floor is TOYS, TOYS, and more TOYS!  No matter how many bins, baskets and buckets I buy these kids leave toys everywhere!  I laid down on the floor to capture a shot of the mess and this doll is looking right at me, so here you have it:

#photoadayjuly: On the Floor.

In other news, I’ve been suffering from insomnia the past few nights and it SUCKS.  Because I seem to fall asleep around 10am and my kids are up at 11am.  Not good for my productivity at all. . .but I did manage to finish the children’s book I’ve been illustrating!!! YES!  More on that tomorrow. . .



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