I spent most of the day curled up in bed watching old television show reruns and catching up on some of the blogs I follow. I also inhaled half a marble creme pound cake and ended up searching around online for something to make me laugh, smile and salivate.

Here are some of the awesome things I found:

I could eat a dozen of these and not feel one iota of guilt!

There could be a need for an intervention in my future, this is an amazing drink.

Looking for design inspiration and came across these awesome inspirational prints.

Ampersand Design Studio

This party will be co-hosted by me in the very near future.

Photo ambition. . . .one day. . .

Hubby and I are definitely long over due for some one-on-one time!

Sometimes a little Oprah goes a long way.

I had a moment of clarity this morning as I thought about my mother and I’ve been so sad to not only have lost her but I felt like she had such a lonely existence or that she wasn’t living a full life but it was as if I had suppressed the person she was BEFORE she had her stroke. . .my mother traveled, shopped, got married, worked, went out to parties with her friends and she had two children.  She did things some people will NEVER do in their entire lives!  She had a very full life and got to experience so much and I am extremely grateful that her short time here on Earth was not filled with pain but mostly joy and good times.

The Good Life

I know as time passes my heart will start to heal but there will always be this ache there for my mother.  But I know she’d would want me to continue to live my life and be the phenomenal woman she raised me to be!  I’m going to slowly jump back into some of my projects within the coming weeks, I miss creating! Stay tuned. . .



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