Thursday I took the kids to the circus and we had a really good time. . .well, if I’m being honest it didn’t start off that way.   We arrived about 90 minutes early to take advantage of the pre-show festivities, which included seeing the animals and meeting the clowns. Turns out baby girl is afraid of clowns.  I seriously thought that was only a running joke on television sitcoms.  Really? Afraid of clowns?  Clowns are silly, goofy, happy go lucky, big shoes, big hair and fake noses.  Not scary.  Well, unless you consider Heath Ledger’s “The Joker” from The Dark Knight.  Then I guess clowns are pretty damn scary and homicidal.  I hope she doesn’t need therapy.

Once she got over the clowns, she wanted EVERYTHING the carnie vendors were peddling from snow cones to blinking lights to cotton candy.  After a couple of meltdowns, the show started and both kids were in awe.  We had amazing seats, third row from the action, and the kids had a blast.  It warmed my heart and for three hours I was just a mom enjoying quality, precious time with her kids.  I was able to push my grief aside and absorb every minute.

See clowns arent that scary. . .unless you stare at them for a long time.

Tons of fun and full of grace.

Big fan of the Big Cats. . .

That night after we recovered from our circus adventure, my son started complaining about his tooth. It was pretty loose and had shifted far away from the other teeth in a 24-hour period.  I figured it would probably fall out by Saturday.  He bet me it would be Sunday.  We were both wrong because we had no idea his father would come home and yank it right out of his mouth!  It’s crazy because my son is eight and all of his friends have lost teeth that have already grown back and I had actually taken him to the dentist on Monday because I was so concerned.  But when the tooth actually came out I saw his life pass before my eyes.  He’s shedding his “baby teeth” and eventually he will lose all of them and he will grow facial hair and he will start driving and he will be graduating high school. . . .I got stupid emotional about that little bitty tooth and felt the milestone signaled something that I’m not ready for but know I have no choice.  As I get older and closer to my own mortality I think more about these milestones and how they relate to the human life cycle and it saddens me but at the same time it gives me renewed vigor to make sure my time here on Earth with those I love is joyous and memorable.  Life is too short for anything else.

Snaggletooth and proud!



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