Just Beachy

This post comes with a disclaimer:  I am not a fashionista or fashion aficionado or even what I would consider a fashionable person.  However I know what I like and what I don’t like when it comes to shoes and clothing.

Having said that. . .I’ve been looking around for some cute beachy things for our upcoming trip and I found some steals!!  First, this retro ONE PIECE (I haven’t been on my weight loss game like I should be) in hot pink is super cute and I think it looks great for my body type:

J.C. Penney $22

In addition to swimwear I’ve also found some cute sundresses. . .actually they are supposed to be swimsuit cover-ups but I think I could totally get away with wearing these out and about:

Target $15

Target $8.99

I still have a few more pieces I need to purchase including some comfortable walking shoes or flip flops.  I have quite a few pair of the $2 and $5 flip flops but they are not really the best choice for sight seeing.  Although I get the feeling we will probably be doing a lot of relaxing on the beach, I still want to be prepared.  We’re definitely taking the kids to a luau but I thought it would be super cute to get matching Hawaiian prints once we get there.  I think I see inspiration for our family Christmas card already!



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  1. I don’t like shopping at Ross or Marshall’s for clothes but a couple of months ago they had tons of sundresses

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