I had a meeting with two good friends on Friday night to discuss the website collaboration that we are working on and it feels really good to dive back into the project. It almost seems as if the past two weeks since my mom passed away was a dream.  But as I am in the middle of drawing with my son or combing my daughter’s hair, it suddenly hits me that my mom is really gone. . .like I mentioned in another post, we didn’t have the relationship that I wished we could have had but the fact that I am officially motherless saddens me a great deal. . .I put together a collage of pictures of her and I was smiling so big I was sure my face would split in two.  I can remember most of the pictures when they were taken or I know the story behind all of them.  Her memory will live on every single day.

SWJ 1949-2012

Gone but never forgotten.



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