I’ve been online searching around for some fonts for my cover design for the children’s book that I illustrated. I’ve found some really cool ones:

Cool. Cooler. Coolest.

I really like the open face font. . .but I’m not sure I like the fact that it’s all caps.  I’m still re-working the cover but here is a snippet:

Copyright 2012

Once the copyrighting is done, I think I’m going to go the self publishing route through Lulu, I  definitely want to make an electronic version available for e-readers as well.  I’ll probably have a release party and book signing too. . .just an intimate gathering at either my home or the clubhouse in our neighborhood.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity. . .more than likely First Book or another organization committed to literacy.  I’m putting it on the calendar but it probably won’t realistically happen until early 2013.

I’m also getting back on track with the lifestyle website I’m working on with two of my close girlfriends.  We sent the site to a review panel and we need to rework our some of content to make it more relatable and relevant.  Our original launch was scheduled for July 20th but since the passing of my mother, we’ve had a major setback so we’re trying to regroup and get things back on track for an August 3rd launch. I will definitely provide more details and a sneak peek within the coming weeks. . .we are in the process of starting an LLC and getting our name/logo registered, so I can’t share anything just yet.  But I do hope you’ll support us when the time comes!  Very excited about this collaboration!

I’m also working on a website for a client that will launch August 10th.  She is a motivational speaker and a very sweet person with incredible energy.  We met through a mutual friend, so we don’t really have a history but she really touched my heart when she showed up for my mother’s funeral.  I really like her and I want the best for her and her new venture.  I hope the site I’m creating helps take her to the next level.  I’ll share her info and link once she’s signed off and approved the design.  If you are a woman looking to connect with positive, like-minded women then I urge you to check her out once she launches.

As you can see, I’ve got some cool stuff on the horizon and it’s just the beginning!  In the midst of it all, the kids still have a pretty full summer calendar remaining and our Hawaiian vacation is in 25 days, so I’ll be pretty busy for awhile.

Feeling anxious to continue creating, it’s therapy for me and I desperately need the diversion.  I feel like something inside of me has sparked since my mother passed. . .I have this overwhelming need to actually commit myself and follow through with these projects and to just go all out and promote myself (something I struggle with. . .more on that later) and really put my whole heart into seeing if I can get work as a web/graphic designer.   There comes a point where you stare your mortality in the face and you realize the clock is ticking, so you stop wasting time.



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