I was 34 when my son was born and turned 35 two months later.  I was 38 when my daughter was born and turned 39 just one month later.  I’m always amazed and slightly confused when I hear former classmates referring to their GRANDCHILDREN on Facebook and they are the same age as my daughter.  Then I remember, I had my kids “late in life” in other words, I am an old broad with little babies.  Seriously.  When my daughter is 13 I will be 51 years old. . .when I’m going through menopause she’ll be going through puberty. . .her Aries impulsiveness already clashes with my Taurus vigilance, so God help our household when our hormones collide.

But I know everything happens for a reason. . .because while my patience seems to get shorter as I get older, my capacity for love and understanding has grown exponentially.  It’s also made me more receptive of the lessons they have taught me:

1.  Love Harder– They love without fear and without restraint.  They love when they are happy, when they are sad and when they are disappointed.  Their love is steadfast and consistent in a world that changes daily.  They fill my life with chaos, comedy and comfort. And their love is like something otherworldly.

2. Laugh More– Sometimes it just takes a look or a crooked smile from one of them to send me into a fit of giggles.  They are silly and fearless and have no inhibitions and they make me realize what’s really important in life.  If you don’t have time to laugh with your children,  you are entirely too busy!

3. Live Life– Life is about making mistakes, forgiveness, love, laughter, playing games and running around in circles until you get dizzy and pass out.  And then you get back up and do it all again simply because. . .you can. Time is fleeting and you can’t take back a second, so you have to make every moment count.

I know at my children’s current ages 8 and 3 it is pretty impossible to predict if I’m going to end up with a Nobel Peace Prize winner or a felon.  Maybe a felon who wins the Nobel Peace Prize? I kid.  But seriously, I’m looking forward to the next ten, twenty and perhaps even the next thirty years (God willing) to be around to watch my kids evolve into amazing individuals.



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