Monthly Archives: August 2012


I’m in the middle of crunch time right now preparing articles for our next website issue as well as preparing for our launch party this weekend. It’s a crazy, exciting time.  Our colors are purple and green, so I went in search of some cute things for the party and found this frame that will […]


After tooling around on a bicycle that he got when he was five, my son finally got a new bike.  It’s red and shiny and really cool but the best the thing about it is the fact his knees no longer touch the handle bars. Hopefully this will speed up his recovery!


School is back in session for my son on Tuesday, August 28th.  He’s been sick ever since we returned from Hawaii. . .no, literally sick with a fever over 102 and congestion.  Last year when school started he was recovering from having his tonsils removed.  I see a pattern here. . .but nonetheless he will […]


I’m baaaack!  I spent the past 7 days in paradise on the island of O’ahu in Hawaii.  I envisioned 7 days of stress free relaxation with my family. . .my daughter had a fever over 102 for almost 4 of the 7 days we were there. . .we spent almost three hours in an urgent […]


Summer will officially be over for my son when he returns to school in 14 short days. . .he is totally bummed.  But we’re squeezing in a trip to Hawaii to help him end the summer with a bang!  I’ve had a blast with my kids this summer although it it will also be remembered […]



Baby girl wanted to make cupcakes.  I wanted to make a pound cake.  We kinda met in the middle I guess with muffins.  I had planned to put a glaze on my pound cake, so the muffins got drizzled instead.  I wish I could share a fabulous recipe with you but it was from a […]