First of all it is NOT a typo.  I bought these flowers because they were bright and colorful.  They made me feel happy or happier as it were since I had just finished meeting with my first client giving her a tour of her completed website.  So, I bought them to celebrate.  I knew they were an unnatural color as evidenced by the dye on my hands when I transferred them to a vase once I got home.  I figured they would brighten up the place.  They do. . .but. . .  THEY STINK!!! ARGH!  I didn’t notice it until I unwrapped them from the plastic!  They smell like MILDEW!  PEE-EW!  So, they will probably spend the rest of the day outside on the back patio.  I’m still happy though not even the funk of flagrant flowers can ruin my mood today!


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