When I picked my son up from school Friday he told me he had some bad news.  I immediately went rigid.  He’s a great kid, so I didn’t think he gotten in trouble but I didn’t know if he was going to tell me that he was being bullied or that perhaps he had done something bad.

He said he had an assignment to complete over the weekend. And that it involved interviewing his grandparents.  My heart clenched.  His last living grandparent, my mother, died July 6th of this year.  I took a deep breath and looked at the sad expression on his face and said without hesitation, “We’ll get Nanny to do it.”

Nanny is my aunt.  My mother’s only sister and she’s been close like a mother throughout my entire life.  She was my son’s caregiver for the first two years of his life when I went back to work, so in many ways she has been a surrogate grandmother.  She is a wonderful, caring and amazing woman. I thank God for her and I am so thankful to have her in our lives.



  1. Domminique Werdlow · · Reply

    Aunts are the best things since sliced bread. I was blessed enough to have two of the greatest aunts in the world. One is gone but never forgotten. My sister is also one of the worlds best aunts to my daughter. She has treated her like her own child since she was born. For aunts like yours and the many others we should have a day to celebrate the great aunts of the world.

    1. Hi Domminique,
      Thanks for the sharing! Yes aunts ROCK and it is a blessing to have them in our lives for however long God blesses us. Sometimes it’s like having a “bonus” mom 🙂

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