Lately it seems like I am constantly online either working on my portfolio or the lifestyle site or this blog or networking with new connections.  As a result I really think it’s time for me to get a proper office space.

Currently I have a portable type office that we purchased from Macy’s many moons ago. . .it’s like an armoire that we can close when not in use.

My current workspace.

It’s actually pretty functional but the problem is that it’s in the corner of our game room a.k.a. our kids play area.  So it’s not really conducive for creating. Not to mention it’s pretty unorganized. Often times I will prop myself  up in my bed or on the sofa with my Macbook just to get some peace and quiet.  My husband (the safety guy) comes by every so often and demands I take a break because I’m not in an ergonomically correct position. I roll my eyes and get up with a crook in my neck.

I’ve been searching online for some inspiration on how I can transform my little corner.  I think I’m going to have to schedule time and just make the space work for me.  I don’t know how much longer I can continue to work with a pillow in my lap to diffuse the heat coming from my laptop.  I like the idea of something cozy, yet functional. What do you think of these spaces? Do you have any tips for transforming my workspace? Maybe I should start with some white paint!

Design by Lovejoy Design Interiors

Designed by Jacqueline Glass and Associates


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