I’ve been wanting to do a “what’s in your purse” post for ages.  Mainly because I felt it would inspire me to clean out my purse! LOL! Sad but true.  My purse is always filled random receipts, grocery lists and other stuff I’m not even sure how it got in there in the first place!  But there are some essentials:

The Essentials

From left (bottom):

1.  My iPhone 4.  Critical, essential, LIFE LINE.  I totally protested getting an iPhone almost four years ago when my husband surprised me with it as a Mother’s Day/birthday gift.  But now, I’m totally addicted!! The case is amazing too, Incipio!

2.  Carmex. I seriously think I might perish without this miracle lip salve.  Hence the reason I have two tubes. Beyond addicted and I regret nothing!

3.  Hawaiian coin purse.  It’s so old lady like but I need something to keep all my loose change in.  Cute little trinket I picked up a the International Market last year when I was there for work.

4.  Ink pen. I always have at least one or two fave pens for jotting down quick notes. (although my little notebook seems to be missing from this picture).

5.  Band aids.  I have two young children and even when they don’t really need a band-aid, they need a band-aid.  Especially my 3 year old.  If she bumps her arm, she thinks she needs a band-aid to make it better.  If it will keep her from crying, I’m all for it!

6. Eye drops. My eyes are always red and puffy in the morning.  The puffiness is due to heredity and lack of sleep but the redness I can fix!

7.  Gum. Fresh breath is just plain good manners.

8.  Tissue.  Again, little kids.  Runny noses.

From left (top):

9.  Mirror.  Inconspicuous way to check your teeth and your nose.

10.  IMAN lip gloss in Brownie.  It actually has a bronze tint to it and it makes my entire face glow!

11. Ear buds.  I have Bluetooth in the car but the ear buds are handy for talking on the phone in the house hands free!

12.  Hand sanitizer.  I picked up some of these around Christmas from Bath & Body Works.  They help rid the kids hands of constant germs.

13.  Olive Oil Edge Control.  Helps with fly away strands around the edges of your hair.  It’s actually really lite when you apply it but it gives greats hold and shine.

14.  Bliss body lotion.  This bottle is way too small for your entire body but it does a great job on dry hands.

15.  Coach wallet/wristlet.  I actually got this for like $10 or $20 when I bought another Coach bag.  I wasn’t a big fan of it at first but it’s actually perfect for keeping my ID, a debit card, health insurance card and a couple of dollars, which is how I roll anyway. Very minimalistic.

So, those are just few things in my purse.  They say you can tell a lot about a woman and the crap things she carries in her purse as well as the kind of purse she carries.  My bag of choice is this traditional, black, Coach leather duffle. It’s just the perfect size for all of my essentials and a few more items.  I’ve actually traveled around with my Kindle Fire in this thing:

The Traditionalist

So, what kind of things are in your purse?


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