Okay, this post is actually a bonus post and not on the calendar of posts that I so diligently prepared over the weekend. I was sitting in the pick up line at my son’s school, checking my emails and got a notification that there was a comment on a blog post from yesterday.  I went in to preview it and in addition to paying a sweet compliment the commenter (Antionette) informed me that she nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award.

Granted it’s not a Grammy or anything (LOL1) but I was SOOOO EXCITED!  Just the fact that someone is reading this little blog and found it interesting enough to mention on their own blog is. . . well. . .phenomenal.  I sincerely appreciate the nomination and I plan to pay it forward as soon as I can compile a list of “new” bloggers.  I’ve mainly been following established bloggers but will seek out newbies and share the love.  THANKS again to Antionette!  You should stop by and check out her site >>>


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