Whenever my husband travels for work he plays the lotto. I think he’s psyched himself out to believe that playing in another state will improve his odds because he doesn’t live there. . .it doesn’t improve his odds at all.

He gave me this stack of lottery numbers and tickets to “check” for winners:

One of the tickets is dated back to July 22nd. Doesn’t really seem like he cares whether he wins or not because people who really want to win the lottery are probably sitting in front of the television when they call out the numbers. Or at least the next day they check the news. Not two months later!

I have no delusions about us winning the lotto and I don’t play. But I don’t “begrudge”  him this vice either. It’s really the only one he has and he probably spends a whopping $20 per month. So, I let him dream. 😉 I have however thought about what we would do IF we did when the lotto.

It’s weird because we have a good life. We are living our lives and having experiences but overall we are a VERY low key family. The most we spend money on is traveling. So if we ever won, I really don’t think our lives would change that drastically. We’d definitely pay off our remaining mortgage, add a big chunk to the kids college savings and our retirement. The most frivolous thing we’d probably do is make a list of all the places we want to travel and then spend the next few years living out of suitcases and hotels! 😉 Correction: luxury hotels!

Do you play the lotto? What is the most extravagant thing you would buy?


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