Since I’ll be participating in the Komen walk in a few weeks, I decided I should probably get my body used to moving around again. I have totally fallen off the fitness wagon!  So, yesterday when my husband suggested that all of us go to the trail and walk (the kids rode their bikes), I protested at first but eventually went.  I really should have been doing some work on my portfolio but figured I needed to kick start my metabolism again more than I needed to create another sample.

I’m glad I went.  The weather was pleasant, ran into a neighbor I hadn’t seen in ages and it’s always good to spend time with the family.  And yes, I was packing the Canon!  LOL!  I have to get in the photography time whenever I can these days. . .

This was a photo I took of the kids straight off the camera. . .I suppose the brightness could be adjust a skosh but I kinda like it.  My husband was all excited because they built a new bridge over the trail.  I kinda missed the old, wooden one.  This one is much too industrial and sturdy. LOL!


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