I got a box of goodies from Sephora today.  I am not really a glam girl. . .okay, so only wear makeup if I’m going somewhere and the majority of the people will be adults.  But I realize as I get older my regime of just washing my face with a warm towel and slathering on Oily of Olay is not really working anymore.  My pores are huge and my skin is dry, so I definitely need a change.  But I cannot get caught up in some elaborate daily regime, I just don’t want to have the time. I am hoping the HOPE in a jar by Philosophy and Bare Minerals purifying facial cleanser do the trick.  If so, then I’ll spring for the full size versions:

In addition to the face stuff I also got some Smashbox lip glosses in Chic and Luxe.  I love the way they make my lips feel totally moisturized and look all shiny! Ha! But mostly I love that something so simple can change up my look.

I am admittedly a minimalist in every since of the word, you won’t find a bunch of fashion and beauty posts on my blog but I have to admit it was kinda fun getting this in the mail and I’m looking forward to using the facial products and giving a full review!

What are some of your beauty essentials?


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  1. Love those lip glosses!!

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