I love how clever wine bottles are these days. . .as a creative designer, I can see the beauty in even the cheapest bottle of wine if the label is crafty enough.  Here are some of my faves that I snapped with my iPhone at the grocery store last week:

(Disclaimer- if you click on these pictures to enlarge them, the orientation changes!  And unfortunately I didn’t have a glass of wine while I was preparing this post, so I didn’t have the patience to take them all down and reload. Sorry.)

This one I really like. Math I dont like. But this. . .this is very clever.

I am a big fan of mafia/old gangster films, so this one totally got my attention.

Love the simplicity of this one. Eve. Apple. Done.

Again, very simple. Love the silhouette. Evokes feeling.

Im not a huge fan of red wine but love this label because number one- I AM A TAURUS. And number two- I have been known to have a tantrum or three.

Can you tell I love simplicity? The gold faucet is like the perfect touch for the label with such a name.

Cant we all relate? The name, the image. . .says it all. Ive actually had this one and its not bad at all.

Even if you’re not a big fan of wine, you have to admit there are some fun labels out there. There are also some very rude labels. . .anyone ever hear of Fat Bastard and Royal Bitch?  Seriously, those are actual wine labels!  Maybe giving a certain label can say the things you can’t but desperately want to!  😉

Does the label make a difference to you when buying wine?


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