I am a closet tech geek.  I’m not so much into the design but functionality of gadgets.  I think “apps” are the most amazing creations ever!  They take smartphones and tablets to a whole new level!  A smartphone or tablet without apps is like having luxury car without wheels.  It’s pretty but what the hell are you supposed to do with it?  LOL!

Nothing makes me giddier than trying new apps! Seriously, I have way too many apps on my iPhone and by my own admission- I don’t use them all.  Some I’ve probably used once and a few I’ve never used.  I think I just like idea of being “in the know”!  But there are some apps that are my absolute FAVORITE!  Here are three apps that I use everyday and can’t live without:


1.  Evernote– Lets you keep notes, ideas, snapshots and recordings all in one app!  Instantly synchronizes from your phone to your computer desktop and even your tablets!  You can create several notebooks for collecting notes.  You can also save links to read later, take photos of inspiration and record audio reminders.  It is an AWESOME app and I use it constantly.  I can always find my notes and if I need to share them, I can email them directly from Evernote. There are free and paid versions of this app it just depends on the functionality you need.


2.  Instagram– Addicted!!  Seriously.  I love taking photographs, looking at photographs and editing photographs.  So this app is PERFECT.  You snap a photo, add a filter, description and share.  It’s a way to just share everyday photos with family and friends or to take some interesting & artistic shots and share them with the masses.  I have to admit the voyeur in me loves that so many celebrities are using Instagram.  You get a sneak peek into their lives through the personal photos they share.  It makes them feel a bit more accessible and “normal”.  Two apps that I use in conjunction with Instagram are Tweegram and Pic Stitch.  Tweegram allows you to put quote and messages on Instagram with a variety of backgrounds and fonts while Pic Stitch allows you to create a collage of more than one picture.  Pic Stitch has some really cool framing features as well.  All three apps are currently free.


3.  Flipboard– This is pretty much how I get all my news. It’s actually touted as a social magazine application but you control the “departments” in this magazine.  You can add world news, sports, fashion, tech news,, parenting and more!  You can even add your FB and twitter timelines, Instagram and tumblr accounts that you follow making this app pretty exclusive!  I use this ALL THE TIME and I tweet directly from this app, which allows me to share some good stuff pretty consistently.

I’m always looking for new apps!  What are some of your favorite?


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  1. I’m a gadget junkie too! My husband makes fun of me and all the apps on my phone. Not quite sure how I got by before… LOL

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