I’m about to admit something that might not be popular with the Academy of Pediatrics or the Perfect Moms of the world. . . .I let my 3 year old watch t.v.  Usually for about an hour straight.  She’ll watch two of her “shows” (Dora, Team Umizoomi or Max & Ruby) while she eats her breakfast. And then we dive into our day.

Well, color me all kinds of shocked that there are THREE Nickelodeon/Nick Jr. channels.  The programming is pretty much the same but there are three different shows on at one time, so she has more choices.  HOWEVER only ONE of the Nick channels is commercial free!  Why is this important you ask?

Up until this week, my daughter only watched the shows without commercials, well now that she’s gotten a taste of the commercials- WHICH ONLY CATER TO KIDS- she has asked for every Barbie, Disney Princess, Lalaloopsy and Easy Bake Oven toy under the sun!  It is really ridiculous the amount of commercials and toys they show during those programs.  I’ve decided to revoke her show choices.  She can only watch the non-commercial Nick channel.  Otherwise “Santa” might have some serious issues this Christmas!

Do you let your toddlers watch television (or am I the only unfit parent)?   Do you limit their t.v. time?


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