I have fallen off on my blogging.  I had a goal of posting at least three times per week.  I even created an editorial calendar and planned out my posts damn near through year end.  But lately I’ve been questioning my blogging journey.  I started Phenomenal Mama in 2006 to document my journey as a mother of a toddler and the blog was very new mommycentric. Then I took a mini break after I went back to school and upon my return, I tried to blog more about being a working mom.

Well, by the time my daughter was born (2009) and the year following, as I entered my last year of school, I had all but abandoned the blog.  It wasn’t until earlier this summer that I jumped back into the blog head first.  I knew without a doubt this time around I wanted to do more personal photographs on the blog but again it seems to be morphing into something else without much direction.  I think my biggest problem is the lack of a true audience.  I feel like I’m pretty much blogging for myself and therefore randomness ensues on a regular basis.  This week I’m on a mission of self discovery and hopefully my quest will give me a renewed passion for this blog because I’m really starting to question why I’m doing this. . .  I’m doing a “series” this week called the Superwoman Syndrome or SS.  I’ll showcase a series of pictures of myself with a personal quote by me and the post will focus on that quote as I share some truths about myself and my journey.

Here is a snippet of what you’ll see this week:

I hope you’ll come back and tune in!  Should be interesting! 😉


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