SS: Time

I know I sound like a broken record and I’m wearing the hell out of the cliche’s about time but DUDE. . . . I swear the older I get, time flies by even faster!  And what do I do?  I try to cram even more stuff in to each day to try and “stay ahead”.  Yeah, it’s not working out so well.   I almost had a nervous breakdown a few days ago when I realized in EIGHTEEN MONTHS my daughter will be five and on her way to kindergarten!


Eighteen months? That is not nearly enough time to. . .for. . .I don’t know but I know I’m not ready! But see, that’s the funny thing about time- IT DOESN’T CARE!  It doesn’t care what you think, how you feel, what you’re doing, what you’re not doing. . .it’s going to keep on keeping on. . .

My quote today in the Superwoman Syndrome series:

“The days are passing by too fast.  I think instead of trying to keep up, I need to slow down.”

Yeah, real talk.  I’m done trying to cram two days worth of stuff into one day.  I think I’ll have a “free day” at some point if I continue to do that but I end up on a merry go round of madness instead.  Last Friday I didn’t log on to my computer AT ALL and Saturday, I spent about one hour that morning on the computer and that was it!  It felt so good to just focus on my family and have some time to myself.  I think I’m going to impose “no computer” days more often!

My affirmation for today:  Time doesn’t need my permission or cooperation, it will move on with or without me.  Slow down, breathe and enjoy the moment more often!


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