SS: Journey

I started this series to give myself a kick in the butt to determine if I wanted to keep blogging or to determine where I want to take this blog.  I think it was also to help me make some decisions regarding my current life journey. So………I’ve decided to just enjoy the ride and stop putting so much pressure on myself!  I enjoy blogging and I will stick with it but I won’t put any expectations on myself.

When I have something to say, I’ll say it.  If people want to read or leave comments, they’ll do it.  I won’t take it as a personal affront if they don’t.  I will continue learn and grow in my design journey and focus on getting better everyday.  I will continue my collaboration site and do what I can to help promote the site and build a following.  That’s my word!

 Some days I question my journey but most days I just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Sometimes questions lead to confusion especially if your heart has already given you the answer!  I am NO superwoman, so I am officially retiring my cape!  Besides I hear those things get caught on stuff when you try to fly!

Today’s affirmation: Relax. Relate. Release. 


One comment

  1. I came here for the CURE post and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Unfortunately I was unable to leave a comment on that post. It is a great sign that a mama can make it all look so easy :).


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