Monthly Archives: November 2012


I am all settled in at my new web home and a little excited. . . 😉 It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be to move everything over.  My biggest issue is settling for a template I like while I come up with a new style sheet.  But that is way down […]


I was trying to be all fancy with the title of this post since I’m running out of clever one word titles.  Turns out inspiré is the French word for inspired. I really thought it would be a bit more fancy. But hey, some things are so universal there is no other way to say […]


Another year. . . another Thanksgiving holiday. And another year to acknowledge our blessings.  But why do so many of us wait until this time of year to count our blessings or to speak of gratitude?  It should be a conscious thing that we do daily.  I say a prayer of thanks everyday and all […]


Today is the first day of the #BLMGirlsCare, 7 days of Kindness!  So stoked!  Even though I’m headed out of town, I am trying to think of creative ways to stay involved and be a part of this project! 🙂  If I am not able to post here- there will be a pic uploaded to […]


I finally finished my new client’s site and waiting for her to officially launch before I share the link. . .but I really, really liker her site!  I’m usually very critical of my work and I’m sure I made her absolutely nuts going back and forth at the end adding “extras” to make it perfect. […]


When I look back on the past ten years so much has happened.  I became a wife, a homeowner and a mom TWICE.  I finished a college degree, started a new job, got fired, started another new job and quit. Traveled to countless places around the globe and experienced the heartbreaking loss of my mother.  […]


My TEN YEAR anniversary is in two days!  It’s been an AMAZING decade!  I decided to create a playlist that describes how I feel about my marriage and my husband.  Here are my top ten songs.  Enjoy! Here is the track listing: Bonus Track: I’m Cool- Anthony Hamilton Ten Year Anniversary from mzm40 on 8tracks […]