When I look back on the past ten years so much has happened.  I became a wife, a homeowner and a mom TWICE.  I finished a college degree, started a new job, got fired, started another new job and quit. Traveled to countless places around the globe and experienced the heartbreaking loss of my mother.  And when I look back at all of those events there is one thing that was constant, one person who was consistent with love and support through it all.  My husband. We were married 10 years ago today on the island of O’ahu in Hawaii.  It was just the two of us, standing before God in the middle of a park surrounded by His glory pledging to spend our lives together.

I think our ceremony was somewhat symbolic of how our life has been together.  Just the two of us trying to balance all the demands of work and parenthood along with trying to hold on to what initially attracted us to each other. For me, the initial attraction was the fact that he was just so different from any guy I’d ever met.  He was smart, funny, genuine and he didn’t spend the evening trying to impress me by talking about himself or his material possessions.  He was a gentleman.  He was kind and I could tell he was hard working.  One of the first places he took me after our initial date at a restaurant was to church!

He is an amazing man, a wonderful husband and an incredible father.  In truth, those adjectives don’t really do him justice. I don’t tell him nearly enough how I feel and how much I love him, I think because he’s an Aquarius, so he knows everything anyway! LOL!  But after spending the best decade of my life with someone who I consider to be my best friend, I had to take a moment to simply GUSH and tell the world just how lucky I am!!



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Congrats so beautiful I love me some chocolate love

  2. Happy Anniversary and wishing you many more years of happiness

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