I finally finished my new client’s site and waiting for her to officially launch before I share the link. . .but I really, really liker her site!  I’m usually very critical of my work and I’m sure I made her absolutely nuts going back and forth at the end adding “extras” to make it perfect. LOL!  But in the end, she loved the site and got exactly what she wanted! So, YAY!

In other news, I have not been inspired to blog here AT ALL. . .but then I was checking out my Instagram feed and I see this:

::: #BLMGirlsCare ::: BLMGirls are at it again! It’s November, the month of thanks. It’s the time of year when many of us reflect and give thanks for how blessed we are. In the spirit of kindness, we have a fun challenge that we hope you’ll all join us in. SEVEN DAYS OF KINDNESS!

Who: YOU! When: Thursday, November 15th through Wednesday, November 21st.

What: You are being challenged to capture your kind spirit in action.

How: Each day you’ll be reminded of how important it is to display kindness, through quotes on Instagram and on Facebook. You’ll also find 7 kind ideas for ways you can do something kind for someone you know or even a complete stranger. Things like packing an extra lunch for someone at work/school, adding some quarters to a bunch of meters, paying off someone’s layaway, volunteering an hour at a soup kitchen, buying a family a turkey, etc. Capture yourself in action and post it to Instagram using the hashtag #BLMGirlsCare for the world to see. It’s not bragging; it’s about sharing and inspiring others to get in on the KINDNESS wagon too! 

Why: Not only are families in especially challenging times domestically, it’s important for us to remember one of our duties to one another is to be kind. After all, kindness begets kindness!

Where: Instagram + Facebook + Twitter + Your Blog WHO’S IN? @blmgirls

And now the world is a better place again. LOL!  I will definitely be participating, which means you will see some fresh and inspirational (hopefully) posts from me.  This is perfect timing too because I have a little down time and I’ll be traveling this week and can hopefully get some different perspectives on kindness as well as some new scenery!



  1. I didn’t know about this contest. I will have to be a part of this. I think doing kind things for people is healthy. I’m in. I hope I can remember.

  2. By the way, I’d love to look at some of your work. I want a new blogsite for next year.

    1. Hey Portia!
      Thanks! Check me out at

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