Today is the first day of the #BLMGirlsCare, 7 days of Kindness!  So stoked!  Even though I’m headed out of town, I am trying to think of creative ways to stay involved and be a part of this project! 🙂  If I am not able to post here- there will be a pic uploaded to Instagram (@MzM40).

I was up an at ’em early this morning!  After dropping my son off at school (7:35am- YAWN!) I headed to the grocery store to pick up some stuff and even though I had a million things going on in my mind, the idea of the #BLMGirlsCare project was at the forefront.  So, when I got in line and  saw a man in front of me purchasing nothing but a HUGE turkey, I started thinking about those less fortunate this holiday season.

I thought, maybe I could donate a turkey dinner to a family in need or give away a free turkey on my site. . .and while I tried to play out the logistics of that in my head, it ended up being my turn in line and another opportunity was also presented to me, so I took it!

#BLMGirlsCare Day 1

May you be blessed and be a blessing to someone else.  For more information about the Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization, check out their website-  They are really an awesome organization! They do amazing things with the children in our community to help build their confidence and self-esteem.  Each one, REACH one!


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