Another year. . . another Thanksgiving holiday. And another year to acknowledge our blessings.  But why do so many of us wait until this time of year to count our blessings or to speak of gratitude?  It should be a conscious thing that we do daily.  I say a prayer of thanks everyday and all I ever ask for is that God keep me and my loved ones healthy and out of harms way.

I admit rarely do I lay out every single thing I’m grateful for — that list would be never-ending.  But I do feel that I should also be more specific when speaking of my blessings.  I am extremely grateful for:

1.  Love– Love from God and his son Jesus, who died for me. Love from my husband that makes me feel like the luckiest woman in the entire universe.  Love- totally unconditional- from my children. Love from my sister that keeps my mothers legacy and love alive.

2.  Life–  A life free from major health issues.  A life free from mental illness.  A life free from hardship & struggle. A life full of love.  A life that’s always an adventure.

Chuckanut Drive in Bellingham, WA the view was amazing!

My life hasn’t been perfect but I would not trade a single experience on my unique journey.  It has been such an amazing ride so far!!  Take time each day to acknowledge your blessings and to speak a prayer of thanksgiving all year long.

What are you most grateful for?


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