I was trying to be all fancy with the title of this post since I’m running out of clever one word titles.  Turns out inspiré is the French word for inspired. I really thought it would be a bit more fancy. But hey, some things are so universal there is no other way to say it just add an accent mark and call it a day!

I’m inspiré once again by fatmumslim’s awesome photo a day challenge.  I did one (for the most part) for the first time in July but got totally derailed after my mom passed away. But I want to go out with a bang. . .you know, leaving 2012 into 2013.  I’ve been trying to find inspiration to pull out the Canon and I think this is just what I need.  I’ve been having a blast on Instagram but I miss taking photographs with my camera and getting all giddy when I find the perfect manual settings.

So here you have it . . .the prompts for next month.  I’ll post some here, probably most on Instagram/twitter. (@MzM40)  So, follow me to see what I come up with!

In addition, I am going to be more committed to blogging.  I really want to step up my blogging game, so I’ve got some stuff up my sleeve!  Hang in there, things are about to get good. . .real good! 😉


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