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Instagram Life

I was going through my Instagram feed and decided to pick my favorite pictures that I uploaded this year. . .it was quite a challenge since I am an INSTAGRAM ADDICT but I was able to weed through all the randomness and select shots that I think pretty much sum up my year: Advertisements


Another year has passed and a new year is ready to take its place.   For me, 2012 was filled with huge accomplishments and incredible sadness.  Leaving 2012 makes me feel a bit melancholy because I feel like leaving 2012 will officially close a chapter of my life.  I will always cherish the memories of 2012 […]


It’s Christmas Eve and I have a million and one things to do but I had to log on and share my latest project. . .every since I’ve been a SAHM, my inner domestic has been showing out!  This Christmas holiday has been no exception. Me and the kids made a GINGERBREAD HOUSE!  This is […]


A few weeks ago we took the kids to see Rise of the Guardians.  The movie features Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, Sandman and Jack Frost as guardians who protect the innocence of children.  The caveat is that children have to believe in them for them to stay around.  They battle their nemesis, […]


I think I’ve been having Elf envy lately as I search Pinterest and read blogs and talk to other mothers whose elves are “doing” all these creative things.  Meanwhile, my son asked me one day why his Elf never did anything “interesting” like. . . make a mess.  Exsqueeze me?  That’s considered interesting?  Who is […]


I was searching around trying to get my holiday mojo back after this and I came across some really cool stuff: 1. Who knew the secret to chewy chocolate chip cookies was corn starch?!  Definitely giving this a try! 2.  The kids and I watched the movie, Elf over the weekend. I LOVE THAT MOVIE!  […]


I’ve been on a roll blogging at least three times a week here and every Sunday at Love. Work. Repeat.  I’ve been in a great mood and really feeling the holiday spirit despite the fact this will be my first Christmas without my mom.  But then Friday morning a gunman entered an ELEMENTARY school and […]