It’s officially December.  Yes, somebody hijacked the last few months and now here we are 31 days away from a new year.

31 DAYS.

That’s about how long you have to keep up all the Christmas decorations before folks start talking about you. . .”She knows it’s Valentines Day, right?  That damn tree needs to come down!”  LOL!

Well, I take full advantage of each and every day in December, so I actually decorate right after Thanksgiving, usually that night.  Although this year, I didn’t- Thanksgiving was hella early and caught me off guard, so I decorated on the 27th.  I mean let’s be real, it makes no sense to take all that stuff out of the attic or basement or hall closet and makeover your house to leave it up for a week or two.

Can you tell I had to whip out the glue gun and do some repairs? My wreath has seen better days!

I leave my decorations up until New Years Day!  So yes, they are up the ENTIRE month of December. I think it also makes me get into the holiday spirit when the house is all decorated.  Not to mention, there is a moratorium (of sorts) on clutter at my house in December.  The entire downstairs is off limits to toys, shoes, backpacks, etc.  My thing is- I want it to stay looking festive not like a flea market!  We have enough stuff on the tables and mantles, we don’t need any extra!

Fa La La Festive!

I really enjoy decorating for Christmas. . .taking it all down, not so much.  Now all we have to do is keep everything looking pristine until Christmas Eve after all my family comes over to exchange gifts.  Should be a piece of cake, right?

MzM Collage

When do you decorate for Christmas?



  1. You’ve done a grand job there. I’m still working on mine.

  2. Although I have not started decorating yet, I completely agree with you. It takes way too much time (and money) to decorate, only to pull it all down in two weeks. I need to get it together. LOL

  3. tyeseknighten · · Reply

    Wow! Everything looks so pretty!!

  4. LOVE the wreath! I usually decorate the Sunday after Thanksgiving, but I was SUPER tired from preparing Thanksgiving dinner and Black Friday. We will be getting our tree and doing all our Christmas decorating this weekend.

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