Happy Monday!  This weekend I had the opportunity to attend a Christmas party hosted by the Houston Blogger Symposium.  It was a fun soiree at an eclectic venue with some awesome interactive elements for guests.

The party was held at a the Do or Dye Salon on Washington Avenue.  The salon itself was on the second floor and reminded me of a really cool loft. When you entered the space there were talented vendors selling their wares (Sunchild, JennieClaire) before you approached the sign in table.  I was excited to see my name tag already waiting on the table for me. . .but then I realized there were only three name tags so I was probably late to the party. . .literally!

sign in

There were local female bloggers already inside mixing, mingling and getting their cocktail on. . .speaking of cocktails there were specialty drinks created for the event and when I tell you the Rudolph Punch was AMAZING. . .yeah, I snagged the recipe and will be recreating it for my Christmas Eve party.



The DJ (Johnny Moon) was JAMMING classic Motown and other awesome soul hits!  His playlist was right up my old school alley.  I may have been caught singing out loud and a little off key more than once.


Two of the coolest elements by far at the party were the Smilebooth and FOTOFDRG machines.  The Smilebooth machine worked via a remote control.  Guests stood in front of a makeshift back drop and snapped pictures to their heart’s content!  You got to see the finished pic right afterwards and the pictures from the event were published on their site.

Okay, here is the proof that I was there! LOL! This sweet lady, bless her heart, forced encouraged me to take a picture and I’m really grateful. . .but I think I should have opted for a wig also. . .not my best hair day 😦 but who cares! CHEESE!

The FOTOFDRG machine was an Instagram pic printer!  Guests took pictures using the party hashtag and the fotofdrg hashtag.  Once you posted it to Instagram, within seconds the picture you posted printed on the spot as a keepsake!  I was definitely in awe!


I wasn’t able to stay long but I did have a chance to talk to a few people and network, which is something I am usually a total FAIL at doing. It was a nice way to spend a Saturday evening and it put me in an even more festive mood!

What did you do this weekend?


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  1. Yay! That sounds like a good time. I had never heard of this last machine. I would love to see how it works in person.


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