Every year on Christmas Eve, my family comes over to my house to celebrate Christmas a day early.  We all spend Christmas Day at our own homes so no one has to worry about traveling. This also allows the kids time to play with all the toys and stuff they get from Santa.  Because my family arrives so late, I usually prepare a bunch of finger foods and appetizers along with homemade chocolate chip cookies.

But this year I plan on adding a few new things to the menu:


1. Pepperoni Pinwheels– My son LOVES pizza and these sound like the perfect little pizza bites.

2. Pecan Pie Brownies– My entire family loves pecan pie and brownies separately so together this should be a win-win!

3. Hot Buffalo Chicken Dip– I actually prepared this for the first time last year and it was such a hit I plan on serving it again.  I recommend this one for a quick, easy dips that’s delicious!

4.  Cranberry, Tangerine & Pomegranate Punch–  The cool thing about this recipe is that you can start with the same base and add alcohol to one batch for the adults and leave it alcohol free for the kids!

This is also the first year I’ve ever not been working during the holidays, so I’m hoping the extra time at home will give me an advantage regarding prep time!

What’s on your Christmas menu?


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  1. That punch and brownies look amazing!

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