I’ve been on a roll blogging at least three times a week here and every Sunday at Love. Work. Repeat.  I’ve been in a great mood and really feeling the holiday spirit despite the fact this will be my first Christmas without my mom.  But then Friday morning a gunman entered an ELEMENTARY school and killed 28 people. Twenty one of the victims were children. CHILDREN. Children ages 6 and 7. And I have felt sick to my stomach every day since.

It is a horrible, senseless tragedy. A tragedy that seems to have become almost commonplace in this country. But this one was made even more heinous because the victims were children. Innocent children who had their entire lives ahead of them.

It makes you call into question a lot of what you thought you knew and wonder if such a tragedy could ever hit closer to your own home. As a mother, my heart is very heavy because I have an 8 year old. He was one year older than four of the children that died and two years older than seventeen of the children who died. And as far as I’m concerned he is still very much a “baby” he has only lost TWO teeth. The idea that he could have lost his life before losing a tooth is almost too much to bear.

I have prayed several times since the incident happened at Sandy Hook. Praying for the families. For the survivors. For my children. For children all over the world. For this country. For the entire world.

There are many debates about why this happened and how it can be prevented. Stricter gun laws, better healthcare for the mentally ill, bring God back into the schools. . .I agree all would be viable options to ensure some modicum of safety and a sense of security but at the root of it all is the a utter and complete lack of value for human life.  Everyone is disposable if it gets the murderer the revenge or attention they seek.  And while I know everyone wants to know about the killer and his motives, I say we are giving them too much exposure!  For another would-be outcast, “nerd” or “genius” as this MURDERER was astonishingly called by the media, for every person out there looking to have their moment in the sun or have someone take notice- they may see something this diabolical as a way to achieve it.

I would have never imagined in my lifetime that I would bear witness to such a disgusting crime. My heart aches and I cannot eloquently continue this post and articulate how as a parent, an American and a human being- just how devastated I am.  But I am BLESSED because I can hold my children tight for another day and hopefully celebrate another Christmas with them.  . . .

Keep the Newtown, Connecticut community in your prayers, please.  Love each other.  Protect our babies.  Be compassionate.  WE are our only chance for survival!



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  2. you got me with losing their life before they lost their first tooth. Sigh… that cuts so deep. I’m not sure my heart could break anymore. This whole situation frightens me. My babies are my world and for these parents, their world just crumbled. For the teachers that were lost, they were somebody’s baby, someone’s mom. Now they’re gone. Really!?!? We HAVE to do better.

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