Monthly Archives: January 2013


Thank goodness for SPAM filters on email.  I rarely see any of the junk that is sent to me daily because it automatically goes to my SPAM folder.  The only time I check the SPAM folder is when someone tells me they emailed me something and I don’t recall seeing it. . .so I check […]

{H-Town Review} Mia’s Table

A few weeks ago I mentioned Houston’s ranking as a top travel destination and I decided to check out some new restaurants, cultural and entertainment spots in the city. First up on the list: Mia’s Table or just Mia’s. Mia’s is a restaurant owned by the Carrabba’s family however instead of the upscale Italian cuisine […]

{Feel Good Friday} Book Review

TGIF!!  Today for my Feel Good Friday vlog I did a review on the book, 32 Candles by Ernessa Carter.  I failed to mention (in the video) the name of the book comes from the main character’s obsession with the movie, 16 Candles and her “happy ending” comes on her 32nd birthday. . .anyway, check […]

{Wednesday Wisdom} Childlike Optimism

As children we believed in Santa, the Easter bunny, the tooth fairy, Martians and even monsters in our closet.  When we were kids we believed ANYTHING was possible.  Ask the average 4-year-old what they want to be when they grow up they will probably say, “A superhero, robot and race car driver.”  Children are the […]

Day of Celebration

Today is the national Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday as well as the second inauguration for President Barack Obama.  Definitely a historical moment.  Today let’s reflect on how far this nation has come (an African American man was elected for President TWICE) and work at helping us to continue the legacy Dr. King started. […]

{Feel Good Friday} My Week in Review

Happy Friday!  I’m excited because today marks the official launch of the Phenomenal Mama YouTube channel. . . .well, not so much the launch but just the first official video in conjunction with the blog.  I mentioned last week that I would do a weekly or bi-weekly segment called “Feel Good Friday”.  So without further […]

Playing In My Own Backyard

Sunday my husband and I were watching CNN, correction my husband was watching CNN because he apparently has some kind of addiction to the channel or an attachment to Wolf Blitzer that I don’t know about.  Anyway, CNN was on the television and there was a segment about travel.  The New York Times compiled a […]