{Feel Good Friday} Comic Relief

So, today was SUPPOSED to be my very first YouTube video, which was to jump start a new series on the blog called, Feel Good Fridays.  The concept is to talk about things that I like or things that are giving me life or making me “feel good”. It will be a variety of random topics from news, entertainment, fashion, social media, websites, etc.  But since I experienced technical difficulties, I’m bringing it to you in the regular format this week. . .but stay tuned the video should be ready to go on my new YouTube channel next week!!

This week, the two things that are making me feel good are:

1.  Playdate, an original AOL web series.


This series is a dark comedy about mommy friendships.  I love the tagline, “Mommies are the original mean girls.” LOL.  Because there are some harsh real-life truths played out in the fictional relationship between Amy and Grace, the series main characters.  Amy and her family recently relocated to Los Angeles and she is a new SAHM, who previously had a high powered Corporate job.  She is finding it very hard to find her place in the “Mommyhood”, which can be very isolating and often cliquish.  When she meets Grace, who is also new in town, she feels she’s met a kindred spirit. I’m only 6 episodes in but already there is trouble in paradise between these two. . .because unfortunately in some female relationships, we let our insecurities and jealousy over rule common sense although in the case of Amy and Grace- Grace is just nuts!  And instead of Amy just cutting her losses she is intent on trying to figure out what she did wrong and regain Grace’s friendship.  They are a mess!  But this show makes me feel good because it pokes fun at the whole notion of being a perfect mom, which I’m sure is an oxymoron!  Anyway, I think you should definitely check it out!  Playdate Full Series on AOL

2.  The Real Husbands of Hollywood


I wrote a post about this over at Love. Work. Repeat. too but wanted to give it another mention on my blog because I am really excited about this show!  First, of all let me just say I love Kevin Hart and in my eyes he can do no wrong.  But I’m also excited because I am SO SICK OF REALITY SHOWS!!!!  I am looking forward to a spoof that sheds light on the RIDICULOUSNESS of it all!  I hope more scripted shows come along with real actors and we can finally see the end of those psuedo-celebrities and their 15 minutes of fame! (YES, I AM DEFINITELY HATING.) Anyhoo, I would have never thought to put this cast together- Kevin Hart, Duane Martin, Boris Kodjoe, Robin Thicke, JB Smoove & Nick Cannon but I get the feeling they are going to be really funny.  And I’m sure with Kevin Hart as the ring leader there will be some serious foolishness taking place.  Even though the show doesn’t air until Tuesday, January 15th on BET, I’m feeling good about the premise and the opportunity to see Kevin Hart on television each week.  Be sure you tune in and support the show! The Real Husbands of Hollywood.



  1. I’m not a huge fan of Kevin Hart but I’d love to watch this show if it’s a spoof. LOL!

  2. I think it will be funny! Like I said, I just want a BREAK from the so-called reality shows!

  3. I think I am going to watch Real Househusbands. I was intially not going to, but I think it will be funny! I will most definitely be tuning in for the premiere.

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