{H-Town Review} Mia’s Table

A few weeks ago I mentioned Houston’s ranking as a top travel destination and I decided to check out some new restaurants, cultural and entertainment spots in the city. First up on the list: Mia’s Table or just Mia’s.


Mia’s is a restaurant owned by the Carrabba’s family however instead of the upscale Italian cuisine featured at Carrabba’s, Mia’s offers a country casual setting. When you enter the restaurant there is a large menu on the wall and you walk up to the counter to place your order.

On the menu: burgers on ciabatta, barbecue ribs, fish taco’s, salads, and other casual fare. The restaurant itself is reminiscent of some of the BBQ joints I’ve visited with the hard wood floors, vinyl seats and tin ceilings. All of the food is fresh and made to order. They even make their own lemonade, root beer and fruit punch! They have fresh made cookies and offer free soft serve ice cream for dessert.


The restaurant is very family aka kid friendly. There is a nice indoor eating area as well as a patio area. The restaurant itself is nestled on a side street (3131 Argonne) off Kirby right across from the original Carrabba’s family restaurant. I really enjoyed the lunch outing with my family and it’s so funny because every time we go somewhere new in the city we always say we feel like we’re out of town. LOL.


The food was good. I ordered their classic hamburger and my husband had the St. Louis BBQ ribs. My son loved his burger because he said the bread was kind of sweet! I loved the chocolate chip cookies and the strawberry lemonade was phenomenal. Again, it was worth the $40 tab (for two adults and two kids) for the ambiance alone. It was Saturday around 3:00 and we experienced no wait, no crowd and friendly service the trifecta for an enjoyable dining experience!


Are you a native Houstonian? Frequent visitor? If so, what is your favorite restaurant.

Stay tuned for another H-Town outing. . .next up a cultural experience!

(Photo’s courtesy of my horrible ninja iPhone skills. Trying to be covert when snapping photo’s.)



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