Mommie Dearest Remixed

Happy Friday!!  I am total FAIL today!  No video. ..BOO!  I tried, I really did but I just- I just couldn’t get it together this week. Bad hair day, busy with other projects and the excuses go on and on til the break of dawn!

I was going to do a video about a post I read over on Super Mom Britton’s blog (My Big Beautiful Life) “30 Things My Children Should About Me.” The idea is to provide your children with some insight about who you are. . .the questions are VERY thorough! I’m not sure I want my children to know that much about me. . .I want them to think I’m a cross between Claire Huxtable and Joan Crawford. LOL!


Seriously, they have to know I love them and I will do anything for them but don’t get it twisted because Mama can go “there” if she needs to! 😉  But if I did have to let them know something it would be that no one on the planet will ever love them more than me. Being a mom is an awesome yet challenging responsibility because in the end you never know how the child you raised will truly turn out.  It can take just one day or one person to dismantle everything you’ve tried to build up in your child.

I want the best for them and I want them to live an authentic life. I want them to be good and do good whenever they get the chance.  But most importantly I want them to live up to their potential and never let anyone or anything keep them from being true to themselves.  One of the things on the “30” list was “If you could have three wishes what would you wish for?”  I’ll indulge you:

1.  I wish both of my children long, healthy lives.

2.  I wish both of my children to become college graduates.

3.  I wish both of my children loving relationships that will result in a family of their own so that they can move out of our house and me and my husband can have some peace and quiet and turn one of those bedrooms into an awesome MAMA CAVE!

Have an amazing weekend and go hug your children!



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