{Feel Good Friday} Random Update

TGIF!!  Well, I actually did a video this week. . .if you can call it that! LOL! It’s pretty random but I suppose it breaks up the monotony 😉  I mention in the video that I will start doing a monthly book review and I just finished  book last night so next week I will be reviewing The Timekeeper by Mitch Albom.  But as for today. . .here you go:

FgF 2-8

Enjoy & have a fabulous weekend!!




  1. Happy Birthday to your whole family almost! haha 🙂

    This really inspires me to do some video blogs! I am too darn self conscious to get on camera. I subscribed to you on Youtube 🙂

    1. Thanks for subscribing! I was a little self conscious at first but I’m starting to enjoy it! It’s nothing life changing but it helps break up the monotony! 😉 You should go for it & do a video!

  2. You are becoming a “PRO” at this! I’m hanging on your words and I am as excited as you seem to be as i’m watching! This is how it’s done. I wish more people would watch and comment. Your color choices are great for your skin and again the camera adores you. I’m HOOKED

  3. […] writes about marriage and family for the most part, but my favourite has to be her Feel Good Friday vlogs. I had asked for guest post submissions for Black History Month and Tracie sent over the […]

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