Eve of Amour

Today is Valentine’s Day Eve!  I’m always excited about Valentine’s Day.  Even more so than the normal person since it’s also my husband’s birthday!  Over the years, I think for me, it’s been more about celebrating the day the love of my life was born instead of just celebrating the idea of Valentine’s Day itself.

I mentioned in my video on Friday that I made some cute cards for my son’s Valentine’s Day party. . .well, turns out there will be no Valentine’s Day party this year instead they will have a Spring Fling party the week before Spring Break.  However they are allowed to exchange cards and bring ONE piece of candy.  NO GOODIE BAGS.  Well, I guess he’ll be taking those heart suckers, fruit snacks and bubbles I bought to his Spring Fling Party!

Fortunately, I hadn’t printed labels yet, so I was able to just re-size my drawings in print them on 2.5 x 5 in cards:

vdaycards1 copy

So excited about how these turned out!  I have so much more work to do before my stationery store officially launches but I’ve been suffering from “designers” block.  But I’m feeling renewed today and I can’t wait to log on and play around this evening!  I also revamped my TM Creative Design website in anticipation of the new shop!  Take look and tell me what you think!

I hope everyone has a SWEET Valentine’s Day tomorrow and it’s not about being all lovey dovey with someone.  Just celebrate loving YOURSELF!  If you don’t have a “sweetheart” to send you flowers or give you candy- buy it for yourself!  Take a long bubble bath, or read a book or watch a sappy movie or dance around the house to cheesy 80’s music!  Just enjoy the day and be thankful that you’re here for another Valentine’s Day whether you’re in a relationship or not!  YOU’RE. ALIVE. That means there’s hope!




  1. “Just celebrate loving YOURSELF!” I love that 🙂 Who says valentines day has to be for romantic partners, only capitalism! haha

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. Website looks good! Clean, crisp, modern. Good luck with the stationary business, I love your valentines day cards 🙂

    1. Thanks Victoria!!

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