{Flashback Friday} Adventure

TGIF!!!  No video today.  .  .instead just a quick reflection.  I was thinking about how much I love my husband as we celebrated his birthday AND Valentine’s Day yesterday.  There is an entire laundry list but one of the main reasons is because of his sense of adventure.  He loves to travel and see other parts of the world.  And he’s always willing to go off the beaten path.  This is the same way he approaches life.  It’s good to have someone who’ll pull you down a path you may not have taken on your own and show you that life is full of wonder and beauty.  This is a picture of us on one of our great adventures in Rome (2010) at the Coliseum:


Have a great weekend and don’t be afraid to explore the world (and life) with the one you love!




  1. A long lasting relationship is what I truly want. I want my husband to my friend as well. You guy look great together. And I truly believe that a marriage consist of seeing the world and realizing life is bigger than just the two of us. Love it!!!

  2. We were talking about traveling to here but in light of fewer airlines and gas prices being so high going anywhere will depend on a winning lottery ticket!

    1. I know!! The rates right now are ridiculous to travel anywhere! I’m sure you’ll get there one day! We saved up for a while to make it happen for my 40th birthday! 🙂

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